Megan Coleman CPDT-KA

Megan Coleman CPDT-KA

Megan Coleman CPDT-KAMegan Coleman CPDT-KA

Walks & Outings

Training Walks

Send your dog for a walk in your neighborhood with a trainer to work on leash skills & basic training.

$40/30 minute walk


Send your dog on an outing with a trainer. We'll pick your dog up, and go to a public place, like a park, hardware store, or patio to work on  training.

Outings are completely tailored to fit the training goals for your dog. Outings can be used as a supplement to any type of training, and teaches your dog that training happens everywhere, not just at home!

$50/45 minute outing

Walks and Outings are with a certified professional dog trainer, and are available in the Bastrop area on a limited basis.

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