Megan Coleman CPDT-KA

Megan Coleman CPDT-KAMegan Coleman CPDT-KA

Dog Training Methods

A positive approach to dog training and behavior modification

     Train Your Dog's training and behavior modification methods are evidence based, gentle, and they work! 

     Hiring a dog trainer can be overwhelming! There are many dog training methods, and finding a qualified trainer can be a challenge. You can rest easy knowing that Megan's methods are based on the latest scientific research, and are constantly evolving to reflect the gold standard in the dog training industry. You and your dog are individuals, so your custom training plan will reflect your specific dog training goals and needs.

     Megan's dog training methods are based on learning theory- methodically using rewards and changes in environment to increase or decrease behavior. Rewards can be treats, toys, praise, going on a walk, chasing a squirrel, or anything else that your dog enjoys! You wouldn't work for nothing in exchange, so why would we expect our dogs to?

     Training with rewards doesn't mean that we don't set rules or boundaries with your dog. We place an emphasis on clear communication between you and your dog, so that your dog knows what you expect. Training through positive reinforcement makes for a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with your dog.

    Train Your Dog provides everything from basic dog training and leash skills, to behavior modification for reactivity, fear, and aggression. 

     After years of living with her own challenging dog, and working with countless tough behavior cases at animal shelters, Megan has learned many techniques and strategies that will help you and your dog succeed.

     If you would like to learn more about Megan's techniques and philosophies, please reach out. She's happy to talk about what she does and believes, and wants you to feel 100% comfortable and confident with the methods being used to train your dog.

Enjoy your dog again

Megan isn't just a dog person, she's a people person! She thoroughly enjoys training dogs and the people who love them.

Her dog training methods will teach your dog to listen to you, stop nuisance behaviors like pulling on leash or jumping on visitors, and let you get back to enjoying the company of your dog!

Ready to have a better behaved dog?

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