Megan Coleman CPDT-KA

Train Your Dog offers a variety of services, all with a certified professional dog trainer. Services can be tailored to fit your needs, and custom packages can be built for you and your dog. Ready to have a better behaved dog? Check out our services below, then fill out our online registration form.



Private Lessons

Work on your dog's behavior one on one.

Fetch a Lesson

Walks & Outings

Send your dog for a walk or outing with a trainer.

Let's go

Group Classes

Enroll in a class with your dog.

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Pop-up Agility

Turn your backyard into a mini agility course with our pop up agility class. Available in private lessons, or group format.

Let's Play

Remote Lessons

Lessons available via Skype, FaceTime, and phone. 


Packages & Price List

Commit to improving your dog's behavior with a package.

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